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Co-parenting is marked by a mix of emotions - compassion, frustration, happiness, loneliness, love, and surprise
Navigating co-parenting

I believe in the power of unity, even in the face of separation. As a Life Coach, specializing in Separation, I've journeyed with countless women on the path of separation. It's a road marked by a mix of emotions - compassion, frustration, happiness, loneliness, love, and surprise. Yet, amidst this emotional rollercoaster, I've discovered a key insight that I want to share with you today.

I've learned a lot about the art of separation. A crucial lesson that I've taken to heart is the importance of effective co-parenting during separation. I believe, wholeheartedly, that it's our responsibility as parents to put our kids' wellbeing first, even in the face of personal turmoil.

Co-parenting during separation is not just about sharing responsibilities; it's about working together for the wellbeing of our children. It's about setting aside personal differences and focusing on the love we have for our kids. It's about fostering a healthy environment where they can thrive, despite the circumstances. It’s not an easy task, I won't deny it. There will be days filled with frustration and loneliness. But I promise you, the moments of happiness and love will outweigh the tough times. The joy of seeing your kids grow, learn, and smile is worth every effort. So, I urge you, dear mums, to embrace co-parenting with open hearts and minds. Let's ensure our children feel loved, secure, and valued. Let's show them that even though we may be separated as partners, we are united as parents. Remember, it's not the situation, but how we respond to it, that defines us. Let's respond with love, unity, and resilience. Let's build a better future for our children, together.

* DM me if you have any question.

Edna Ferman

Author of the book "Strong Women Finish Rich”

Master Life Coach, Separation Expert


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