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Passionate About Inspiring Women

Edna Ferman 

An unexpected beginning…

I have started my career as a co-owner of an importing and distributing car parts company. After over 20 years in that business, I have changed direction and became a coach. An Accredited Life and Mindset Coach by the ICF (International Coaching Federation), Motivational Speaker, Recall-Healing, program and seminar Presenter.


Another unexpected beginning...

As an Author, I wrote and illustrated few eBooks. On the day Covid was declared, my book “Strong Women Finish Rich” was ready for printing.

It was published in the middle of the pandemic with the subtitle of: A powerful plan to live an extraordinary life.


As my clients often say, my coaching is done with deep wisdom, clear vision and sensitivity. “I love your gentle and caring approach coupled
with your result-oriented approach”.


I enabled hundreds of women in Australia and around the world to regain their confidence, self-esteem and joy of living, to achieve their aspirations and dreams and live an extraordinary life. 

My hobbies are cake decoration and abstract painting, where my
paintings have been displayed in various exhibitions including the
Clio Art Fair in New York.


"My Passion is to Empower and Inspire women to live life with
Confidence,Passion and Courage,
to dream BIG and Shine!"

                                                                                                Edna Ferman

Book, Programs and Seminars:
  • The eBook and book:  "Shine"

  • The eBook and program:  “The EKG Money Method”

  •  Seminars: "Love and Relationship", "Goals4Success", "Creations in Full Colour" and "Strong Women Finish Rich"

 Inspiring Women to be Extraordinary and  Shine!

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