Passionate About Inspiring Women

     Edna Ferman - Author, Speaker and a Transformational Life Coach for women.

     Following a successful commercial business career, Edna established her coaching profession.


     As the author of the book “Strong Woman Finish Rich” and a Transformational Coach and Mentor, Edna supports and empowers women to tap into their inner power.


     In today’s challenging times, where women need all their skills and capabilities, Edna’s work is invaluable in supporting them, to stay strong for themselves and their families.


     Edna’s coaching incorporates new understanding and old knowledge which conveys the power to change, embracing change, living your truth, respecting your needs, setting your boundaries, NEVER GIVING UP, choosing confidence, be yourself and so much more, to live life powerfully, which is so important and essential in our times.


     Edna is training women in developing their strength of character, so that they can manage their lives with resilience, strength, love, happiness, enthusiasm, and pure enjoyment of life, work, and family and friends.


     She combines her business experience with expertise of Coaching, Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Recall-Healing and Inspirational Creativity to create results.


    Edna was the presenter of numerous workshops and seminars for women, and is the author of “Goals4Success,” and “Shine” E-books.

     In addition to her coaching, Edna is a painter, her creativity is expressed in her coaching, writing and in her abstract paintings.

Book, Programs and Seminars:
  • The eBook and book:  "Shine"

  • The eBook and program:  “The EKG Money Method”

  •  Seminars: "Love and Relationship", "Goals4Success", "Creations in Full Colour" and "Strong Women Finish Rich"

 Inspiring Women to be Extraordinary 

and SHINE!