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Edna, you have an amazing ability to identify the relevant issues and separate them from the emotional barriers that held me back from personal advancements. You touched me with great accuracy, creating a roadmap for self awareness, confidence and success.

I am thanking you for your coaching and guidance.


Avi Sztraj

Thanks Edna, you have inspired me more I anticipated and I look forward to the success that I now feel I can achieve.

Claire Goldstein

Thanks Edna, I have now strong belief in myself and I am setting specific goals with dates. I discover the amazing power I have inside me. Thanks again.


Thank you so much Edna, I am taking from the Strong Women Finish Rich seminar, the ability to believe in myself. My biggest insight was to think big since I didn't have guts to say that I have lots to offer. I would recommend this seminar to all women.

Orly D.

Thanks Edna, I didn't know I could achieve more, now that I know I'd like to achieve all my goals and keep evolving as a person. Now I am more active about making things happen. Once a goal is there strategies follow and dreams become reality.



Edna has a very positive approach to coaching and mentoring. She has helped me to visualize my goals and get results in a very short time. She has helped me to communicate effectively and get positive results with my staff, my boss and the board. 


Her coaching style allows you to self reflect and find the solutions that work for you. I highly recommend her coaching services.

Claire Smith

Thank you Edna for such a wonderful and inspiring seminar!!!

Thank you for all your wonderful teaching and enthusiasm, which you have and is unparalleled! I had no idea I could still aim higher.


After setting goals for so many years and being an action taker, I wondered what difference Goals4Success might make to my life. The seminar was truly excellent. Edna called people to a higher mission. I feel energized and recommend it to everyone.

Elizabeth Shannon
Sleep Expert

Just wanted to say a huge, heartfelt ‘thank you’ for all your input over the last few months. I don’t find it easy to describe how much your invaluable insights and strategies has helped me both professionally and personally, but it has been big! 


I always look forward to our next session, as I would feel better equipped and empowered to deal with my day, by the time our sessions completed.


I would highly recommend you to any person wanting to grow.

Raz Chorev

Edna, it has been really immense the benefit that you contributed to my life! Following coaching, I have started to focus on doing and pursuing what I really want in my professional life. 


Now, I am fulfilling my potential and following my Desires! And my life has improved dramatically on every level.

Edna is truly dedicated to helping people change and it has been a real pleasure to work so closely and personally with Edna. She is the perfect combination of supportive, focused and determined! 


I recommend her to anyone who is ready and wanting to make changes in their career and lives and transform their life into flourishing one! Thank You, Edna!

Mariela B.

I can highly recommend Edna as a coach! Edna is very professional and she has a great ability to bring you clarity and focus in a short space of time. 


Edna takes into consideration your own personality, enhances it and gets you to focus on the main issues and resolve them. 


I recommend Edna with all my heart!

Edna Rubinstein

Edna coached me through the blocks that have stopped me to achieve success in my career. I would never have done it and achieve profitable results without her coaching. Thank you Edna.

Tessa Plen

Edna is living proof of what coaching is all about. She is enthusiastic and professional. I was so motivated by her.


Edna helped me to see that I can have what I want in my work life and in my personal life. She showed me how good I am and how important I am. 


Thanks so much Edna for showing me how great feeling happy again can be.

A. Bueno

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