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Edna Ferman - Separation Expert, Master Life Coach and Author


Navigating Separation and BEYOND

Want to get your

sense of self back and  newfound confidence to move forward ...in just
45 minutes

Edna Ferman
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Who is it for....

Women 40+ navigating separation, who feel hurt, confused and overwhelmed, their lives aren't what they want and deserve, and don't know what their options are - to REGAIN their Sense of Self and Confidence in 45 minutes, so they know exactly what to do next.  


a transformative 45-minute virtual Coaching session

"Empowered Separation: Navigating Separation
and Beyond" 

  • A Transformative, Unique and Proven 45-minute virtual Coaching session
  • Designed for women navigating the challenging journey
    of separation 
  • Empowering session​ that will provide you with:

    *   A clear picture of where you are in 6 areas of your life

    *   Renewed Sense of Self and Confidence

    To emerge stronger and more empowered to know exactly what to do next.

    "Empowered Separation” is more than a session;
    it's your first step towards turning the pain of separation into an opportunity for personal growth and a fulfilling future. 


Edna's coaching style allows me to self reflect and find the solutions that work for me.

I highly recommend her Coaching services.

What Our Clients Say

Clair Goldstein

" Edna, with your Coaching you have inspired me more than I anticipated. I enjoy now the success I set with your coaching and the knowledge that I can achieve more."
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