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Strong Women Finish Rich by EdnaFerman .

Are you ready for change?

Live the life you envisage. Live your life realizing your full potential and become a strong woman to achieve and create Your Extraordinary RICH life.

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3 CRITICAL SHIFTS for women age 35-55

to find the right path:

Stay or Go,

Stay in the Marriage or Relationship

OR Choose Separation

And unleash a happier and more Fulfilling Life 

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Through her program Strong & Fearless,
former business woman turned Accredited
Life & Mindset Coach for women, Author, 
Recall Healing, program and seminar presenter Edna Ferman, has helped countless number of women in Australia and around the world to regain their confidence,self esteem
and joy-of-living to achieve their aspirations and dreams and live an extraordinary life. 

Edna's work draws on a unique and powerful combination of her own first hand experiences with separation and divorce, her business experience and over 15 years of professional coaching experience gained as a Coach and Mentor for Women, inspiring positivity, confidence and courage to achieve a fulfilling life.

Edna is passionate about empowering women to live life with confidence, passion and courage, dream BIG and Shine.

Imagine you could....


Change your mindset - change your life.


Live the life you envisage.

Your voice

Find your authentic voice.


Express your true thoughts and feelings with ease.


Develop your confidence.


Appreciate your gifts and talents.

Inner Strength

Find your inner strength.


The strength that will empower you.


 I am taking from the Strong Women Finish Rich seminar, the ability to believe in myself. My biggest insight was to think big since I didn't have guts to say that I have lots to offer.

You have an amazing ability to identify the relevant issues and separate them from the emotional barriers that held me back from personal advancements. You touched me with great accuracy, creating a roadmap for self awareness and confidence.

 You have inspired me more than I anticipate and I look forward to the success I now feel that I can achieve.

Claire Goldstein

Avi Sztraj

Orly D.

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You can have an Extraordinary life