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The Book - Strong Women Finish Rich by EdnaFerman .
Edna Ferman


Regain your Sense of Self and Confidence

to easily move forward with

grace and determination... in just 45 minutes

Listen to Chrissa Valanti interviewing Edna Ferman

Edna Ferman
Chrissa Valanti


a transformative 45-minute virtual Coaching session


For women over 40 navigating separation who

feel hurt, confused and overwhelmed ,

their lives aren't what they want and deserve, and don't know what their options are.


Through the transformative, unique, and proven Empowered Separation Process, they will leave with

a clear picture of where they are

in 6 key areas in their life, and  

regain their Sense of Self and Confidence

in 45 mins, 

so they know exactly what to do next.

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Edna Ferman


"A Master Life Coach, Speaker, Author of the book
'Strong Women Finish Rich,' and Expert in navigating
the choppy waters of separation. 

I've had the privilege of helping a countless number of
women in Australia and around the world to reach and
achieve their dreams.


My journey began when I arrived in Australia with my
husband and baby, barely speaking English, little money, and no family support. I co-built and co-managed an importing and distributing car parts business, turning it into a multi-million-dollar enterprise.


After my long and happy marriage disintegrated, we
parted on good terms, and maintained a positive relationship for our children and  strong family ties to this day. 

I truly believe that a breakup isn't always a negative thing - I began to see my separation not as an ending but as a new beginning. I found a hidden talent for painting,  found my calling as a coach for women navigating their own personal challenges. I even stepped up to lead my community club, a role I never imagined I'd take on and found new love.


I've lived through the highs and lows, the heartbreaks and triumphs, and come out stronger on the other side.

I'm here to share the wisdom I've gained from my own journey to help others navigate their own paths with grace and determination."

Imagine you could....


Change your mindset - change your life.


Live the life you envisage.

Your voice

Find your authentic voice.


Express your true thoughts and feelings with ease.


Develop your confidence.


Appreciate your gifts and talents.

Inner Strength

Find your inner strength.


The strength that will empower you.


 I am taking from the  Coaching, with Edna the ability to believe in myself. My biggest insight was to think big since I didn't have the guts to say that I have lots to offer.

Edna, you have an amazing ability to identify the relevant issues and separate them from the emotional barriers that held me back from personal advancements.

You touched me with great accuracy, creating a roadmap for self awareness and confidence.

 Edna, with your Coaching you have inspired me more than I anticipated. I enjoy now the success I set with your coaching and the knowledge that I can achieve more.

Claire Goldstein

Avi Sztraj

Orly D.

Edna Ferman
Edna Ferman
Edna Ferman
Edna Ferman

You can have an Extraordinary life

Strong Women Finish Rich
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