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One day, the people who didn’t
believe in you will tell everyone
how they met you.

One Day, or Day One?  You Decide.

I am a Life & Mindset Coach that empowers Female 35+ to find the
right path and a solution in either Stay or Go, stay in the relationship
or choose separation in as little as 8 weeks.

I do this through my Strong & Fearless Program.

If you are a Female 35-55 who is trapped in an unbearable or
unfulfilled relationship, wanting to find a solution to improve your
life and are really committed to change your life for the better now, holding yourself to the highest standards of integrity, then please
click on the link to schedule a no-obligation 45-minute
discovery session.

Regards, Edna Ferman

CEO Edna Ferman Coaching

Life & Mindset Coach, Author, Entrepreneur, Artist

Edna Ferman
Life & Mindset Coach, Author, Entrepreneur, Artist

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