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Six Months Mentoring Group

With Edna Ferman

Have you ever wanted to have a rich and fulfilling life

full of energy and success?

Have you dreamt about living your life powerfully and to be able to have whatever your heart desires?

I will be revealing a step-by-step plan for making your life a rich life in all areas.
It is based on my upcoming book:  "Strong Women Finish Rich" -  A powerful plan to live an extraordinary life.​​




It is for you if you are...

  •  Wanting to live your life powerfully in all areas of your life

  •  Wanting to have a better life

  •  Wanting more of what you have

  • Wanting to strengthen your confidence and self esteem

  • Wanting to haverich and extraordinary life in relationships,
    friendships, profession, income or hobbies


    In this group I plan to inspire you to have New Understandings, make 
    New Decisions and Take Action.​ Strengthen your Confidence and 

    Self Esteem and to live an Extraordinary Life

 Live An Extraordinary Life In 2021!

LIVE with Edna Ferman, a Transformational Coach and Author of: "Strong Women Finish Rich"​

During this inspiring Mentoring Sessions you will learn how to uncover
your true potential, LIVE your life to the fullest and have an
outrageously successful life!



Be Inspired and live an Extraordinary life in 2021!
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