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Find Your Inner Strength

Everyone has an inner strength... some of us just don't always know what it is.

“A woman is like a tea bag - You never know how strong she is UNTIL she gets into hot water.”

We all have different inner strengths but we are not always aware of them. Some have very apparent inner strengths that are demonstrated often while others still have yet to discover theirs.

Our inner strengths usually appear in extreme or special situations where, out of nowhere, we are demonstrating strengths that we never knew we had. They can be hidden until we need them and then they appear.

We hear often about "heroes" that save people from all different situations. We call them "heroes" but very often they say that they are not heroes that they just did what they had to do; suddenly their inner strength appeared and they did the unthinkable.

Another way to discover our inner strength is to be authentic. To be authentic means to live your life with honesty and truth. You become more authentic when you look at the truth of your real self and stop hiding behind stories. To be authentic is to be happy to see all your truths without hiding behind stories. Being authentic allows us to be ourselves and see our real strengths.

You can find your authentic voice by discovering your own true feelings and thoughts, and by voicing these truths.

Sharing your authentic voice will alleviate stress and pressure and will keep you open to enjoying feelings of happiness.


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