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 Mentoring Group:



A Powerful Plan to Live an 

Extraordinary Life


Have you ever wanted to have a rich and fulfilling life, full of energy

and success?

Have you dreamt about living your life powerfully and to be able

to have whatever your heart desires?


















I will be revealing a step-by-step plan for making your life a rich life in all areas. It is based on my upcoming book 

"Strong Women Finish Rich" - A powerful plan to live an extraordinary life.


     It is for you if you are...

  •  Wanting to live your life powerfully in all areas of your life

  •  Wanting to have a better life

  •  Wanting more of what you have

  • Wanting to strengthen your confidence and self esteem

  • Wanting to have a rich and extraordinary life in relationships, friendship, profession, income or hobbies


   Don’t wait…. if you want to create change, I will be sharing plans, tools and easy practical practices that will enable you achieve an extraordinary life.

You'll be learning directly from Edna Ferman - a Transformational Mentor, ACC Accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

After mentoring hundreds of women for more than 10 years, listening to their struggles whether they were big or small, Edna created a 5 step program. The program helped to guide them to gain new insights and understandings, as well as, acquiring new strengths that translated into a rich and powerful life.

  In this life changing evening event you'll discover... 

  • A simple plan to live an extraordinary life

  • Understand the roadblocks that stops you from having the life you envisage

  • How to achieve a better life

  • How to have more than what you have

  • How to live powerfully in all areas of your life

  • How to have a rich and successful life
    Plus so much more...



WHEN:  Tuesday, May 28 2019   6-8pm

WHERE:   Woollahra Library, DoubleBay

Cost:  $120

Early Bird:

Individual -BRAVE:  $49 

Share the love - Tickets for 2: $70  




Tickets are strictly limited due to venue size. Don't miss out on

this incredible evening event.  Click NOW and claim your ticket.

Discover The Fastest Way To Create A Rich Life At: "Strong Women Finish Rich"

  • It is an inspiring event in a supportive environment

  • You will get massive value and gain valuable skills and knowledge to apply immediately

  • The Mentoring Group is based on Edna's mentoring knowledge and experience of countless sessions across many countries, it's based on strategies that get results.


Who Is Edna Ferman?

Edna Ferman is a Mentor and Author of the upcoming book: "Strong Women Finish Rich". Edna is mentoring for over 10 years, is ACC accredited by the International Coaching Federation. A Transformational Mentor for women with results that translates to countless number of women around the world, living an empowered life that was changed forever by Edna's mentoring.

Edna  has presented successful workshops such as "Goals4Success" and "Love and Relationship" in addition to, being an author of a number of successful E-books.

Edna is passionate about empowering women to achieve an extraordinary life and SHINE.

1-acccl 31mb .jpg

I often meet many interesting and successful women that would like to fulfil their dreams and aspirations; they are caught in their everyday activities of family, home, work and with no prospect of doing so. They are often left with feelings of emptiness and a void with lack of satisfaction.


It often happens, since life takes them on the path of doing only what they mast do (home, family and work), with no time or energy left to follow a new path. What they are lacking is new understandings and a system that will enable them to do what they love without affecting other parts of their lives.

Why I Created This Group?

For many years I was given the opportunity to make a difference in women's lives through coaching and mentoring. I am passionate about transforming women's lives; see their potential and empower them to achieve excellence in all areas and shine!

Also, I don't like seeing women not living their lives to the fullest due to:

  • Lack of knowledge and tools. I want to offer new understandings and practices.

  • False beliefs about achieving and creating. I want to show the possibilities of what your life can be and how to create it.

In this group I plan to inspire you to have

New Understandings, make New Decisions and

Take Action

Strengthen your Confidence and Self Esteem 

and to live an Extraordinary Life

Be Inspired And Live

An Extraordinary Life In 2020!

LIVE with Edna Ferman, a Transformational Mentor and Author of: "Strong Women Finish Rich"

During this inspiring Mentoring Group you will learn how to uncover your true potential, LIVE your life to the fullest and have an outrageously successful life!

Claim Your Ticket NOW!



Edna, you are empowering many women to become the best they can. You have an amazing ability to identify the relevant issues and separate them from the emotional barriers that hold us back from personal advancement. You touch on every topic with great accuracy, creating a roadmap for self awareness, confidence and success. Thanking you for your guidance.

CEO - non-profit organisation 

Elizabeth Shannon

The seminar was truly excellent - allowing me to step back from my "busyness" and redesign my life.  Edna called people to a higher mission, coerced them gently, told great stories, and provided a wonderfully supportive environment where participants freely shared ideas and inspiration with each other.  I feel energised and recommend you.



Thank you Edna for such a wonderful & inspiring seminar!!! Thank you for all your wonderful teaching & enthusiasm, which you have & is unparalleled! I had no idea I could still aim higher.

Georgia Siabanis

I have had a clearer focus on my goals and feel more energised for the next period of my life.  I have achieved great things during our time together. Your continued support and encouragement made it all possible. You are amazing!


Thanks Edna, I didn’t know I could achieve more, now

that I know I’d like to achieve all my goals and keep evolving as a person. Now I am more active about

making things happen.

Once the goal is there strategies follow and dreams become reality.

Clair Goldstein

Thanks for a great seminar, you have inspired me more than I anticipated and I look forward to the success that I now feel I can achieve.


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