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The Power of Self-Compassion During Separation

I believe in the power of self-compassion during separation. I believe in the transformative energy that arises when we allow ourselves to embrace our pain, nurture our healing, and treat ourselves with kindness. I am an entrepreneur in the realm of life coaching, specializing in the delicate art of separation. I've walked this path, and I've felt the sting of a breakup. Instead of punishing myself for feeling hurt, I chose to embrace my pain. Instead of rushing to heal, I decided to nurture my healing process. And in that moment, I felt a surge of the power and of self-compassion that was so profound, so empowering, it changed everything.

Yet, I also discovered the surprising joy of self-love and self-compassion during these challenging times. I've learned that when we treat ourselves with self compassion, we become our own best allies. Your feelings of pain, confusion, and uncertainty are valid. But remember, these emotions are not your enemies. They are signals, guiding you towards healing and growth. Embrace them. I would like to remind the women on the path of separation that you are stronger than you think. You are capable of immense resilience, of profound growth, and of boundless love - especially self-love. I am here to inspire you, a woman on the path of separation, to transform your pain into power, your confusion into clarity, and your heartbreak into healing. As I always say, it’s okay to love yourself. It’s ok to prioritize your happiness. It’s okay to choose yourself first.

In my book “Strong Women Finish Rich” I talk about self compassion. I dedicated the first chapter of the book to self love and self compassion: “Treat Yourself as Gold,” and the first part is: “Love Yourself First”!

This chapter starts:

“Treat Yourself as Gold” is not typically a thought that comes to women’s minds regularly or frequently. Often it’s not even in our vocabulary”…”Love yourself first” is not an occasional treat, and it’s not a selfish behaviour. It is necessary to enable us to care for others, to care for ourselves, and to live well.”

-An excerpt from my book

This is my belief. You are worthy of self compassion – especially from yourself. I believe in the power of self compassion.

I am here to guide you on this journey of separation and self-compassion because together, we are unstoppable.

So, share, like, comment, and let’s start a conversation about self-compassion and support women in their tough journey. Because we all deserve a little more love, especially from ourselves.




The Power Of Self Compassion
Self compassion


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