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Develop Your Confidence

Develop your confidence as you can be your true self. Have the confidence to present yourself as you are!

“Note to yourself: I am going to make you so proud.”

Not everyone has the confidence to do the things they want, to apply to the job they deserve, to participate in a conversation, or to cast their opinion.

Some people are born with confidence and some people lose it throughout their life. We all have different experiences in our lives, our confidence depends on how we relate to them.

People can have the same challenging experiences but some will say, "Oh, well" and let it go, while others will internalize the experience and blame themselves. This will then affect their confidence.Some people will have numerous affecting experiences which will shape their confidence.

Confidence can be built up. Setting small goals and achieving them can be a start to boosting your confidence. Achieving your small goals first, achievements that will empower you and inspire you to achieve even bigger goals.

Each of us was born with gifts; these talents and abilities help us excel in certain areas with ease. Not everyone received the same gifts, and sometimes we have to stop appreciate the gifts we were born with because they can bring us pleasure and success.

These gifts are usually the things we enjoy doing, the things we can spend hours every day on. It can be in math, business, music, computer work, cooking, writing, painting, making sculptures, giving advice, coaching, teaching etc.

I invite you to pause for just few moments and reflect on your own personal gifts. Think about the things you love doing, and the joy you get in return for doing a really good job.

Your gifts are part of your authentic voice – appreciate your gifts, be proud of them, and don’t be afraid to use them with pride. Appreciate who you really are and express yourself with your authentic voice.

Enjoy your special gifts because there is no one else is like you! #shine


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